Real Estate Transactions: October 31 – November 4, 2016



Nov. 3, 11 Flanders Lane Associates LLC sold 11 Flanders Lane to OLS MVY LLC for $1,350,000.

Nov. 4, Robert A. and James E. Lunbeck, trustees of the Robert A. Lunbeck Realty Trust and the Barbara M. Lunbeck Realty Trust, sold 27 Tilton Rd. to Mitchell Greess and Cynthia Berman for $3,292,000.


Oct. 31, Thomas M. Taylor sold 63 Fuller St. to 63 Fuller LLC for $2,950,000.

Oct. 31, Geoffrey Caraboolad, trustee of Hale Realty Trust, sold 5 Field Club Dr. to David Malm for $1,500,000.

Oct. 31, Kathleen M. Lingren sold 136 Cooke St. to Thomas and Sharon Johnson for $500,000.

Nov. 1, Shurtleff Corp sold 62 Saddle Club Rd. to Cilas S. Batista for $440,000.

Nov. 2, Michael F. Torcia sold 42 Eighth St. North to John P. Ensor and Rita M. Zienkiewicz, trustees of the Ensor Zienkiewicz Realty Trust, for $799,000.

Nov. 3, John and Diane Crane sold 31 Old Farm Rd. to Scott M. and Patty B. Rocklage for $750,000.

Nov. 3, Claire F. Mercier, trustee of Mertco 2 Trust, sold 12 Huckleberry Hill Lane to Douglas C. and Paulee M. Davies for $225,000.

Nov. 4, Judith F. Hatch sold 78 West Tisbury Rd. to Victor and Victoria Guaglianone for $735,000.

Nov. 4, Laura Scheuer sold 22 Winter St. to Paul R. Mahoney, trustee of Sydney II Realty Trust, for $1,600,000.

Nov. 4, David Merrill Morton and Karel Delphine Morton, trustees of the Jay Morton 2013 Trust, sold Unit 2, 3B Magnolia Way to Edward T. and Maureen P. Joel for $1,070,000.


Nov. 4, Wyatt Garfield, Jr. and Rachel B. Garfield sold Lot 145, Blue Heron Drive to Christopher Hart, trustee of Four Corners West Realty Trust, for $400,000.

Oak Bluff

Oct. 31, Donald R. Carnie, Tracy E. Wright, Jack Carnie, and Joan T. Carnie, trustees of the Carnie Living Trust, sold 26 Pall Mall to William F. O’Brien 4th and Kristine A. O’Brien for $757,000.

Oct. 31, Christopher A. Mard sold 69 Winemack St. and 32 Clay Ave. to Deborah M. Moynihan for $287,500.

Oct. 31, Andrew M. and Amy M. Porter sold 26 Grovedale Rd. to Jacqueline L. Young for $535,000.

Nov. 1, James R. Cowan, Jr. and Maryanne L. Cowan sold 61 Gull Landing to Jay C. Cowan for $509,000.

Nov. 4, Nina Shapiro and Daniel E. Smith sold Unit 27, 21 Island Inn Rd. to Marcus A. and Jenne J. Griffith for $102,500.


Nov. 2, Robert L. Snider, a/k/a Robert L. Snider, Jr., Walter M. Snider, Patricia C. Slade, and Michael W. Snider sold 194 West Spring St. to Matthew and Amber McLean for $217,500.

Nov. 4, Curtis C. and Carolyn L. Carpenter, trustees of the Nancy Booth Realty Trust, sold 75 Kuffie’s Point Way to Gerard F. Du Toit and Beth Ann Du Toit, trustees of the Gerard F. Du Toit Revocable Trust Agreement and the Beth Ann Du Toit Revocable Trust Agreement, for $2,680,000.

West Tisbury

Nov. 1, George S. Thomas, trustee of the George S. Thomas Revocable Trust, and Joan P. Thomas, trustee of the Joan P. Thomas Revocable Trust, sold 65 Carl’s Way to Gary P. Savage, trustee of Tiasquam Trust, for $4,300,000.

Nov. 1, Joseph F. Helfrich and Melinda Hulmes-Helfrich sold 63 Otis Bassett Rd. to Christina Hsu and Peyton T. Wallace for $862,500.