Edgartown selectmen grant extensions: Tin Hangar liquor license to Dec. 31, school sidewalk to Edgartown Road

Arthur Smadbeck and Margaret Serpa at the Edgartown selectmen's meeting on Monday. – Bill Chaisson

The Edgartown selectmen quickly decided on Monday to extend the seasonal liquor license of the Tin Hangar, and to extend the sidewalk on Robinson Road near Edgartown School, before asking town administrator Pam Dolby for her report. She told them that she is currently devoted to planning the budget for next year.

Attorney Sean Murphy, representing the McGroarty family, owners of Tin Hangar, explained to the board that the restaurant’s year-round liquor license is still pending with the state, and he was requesting a one-month extension on the existing seasonal license to fill the gap.

The seasonal license gives the restaurant permission to serve all types of alcohol; the McGroartys were asking to extend only permission to serve beer and wine. When their year-round license is granted, it will be only for the selling of beer and wine. According to Town of Edgartown administrative assistant Kristy Rose, the Tin Hangar plans to renew its seasonal (April through November) license and resume serving all types of alcohol next spring. Businesses that serve alcohol must be first approved by the town government and then by the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABCC), where the Tin Hangar’s license is presently pending.

In June the selectmen granted permission to transfer the liquor license from the Flatbread Co., the previous occupant of the airport commercial space, to the Tin Hangar. The new restaurant opened Nov. 15.

Chairman Margaret Serpa verified with Ms. Dolby that the selectmen had the power to grant the extension, and the selectmen unanimously approved a seasonal license, which will be good through Dec. 31. They would be unable to extend it further.

Superintendent of Schools Matt D’Andrea formally requested that the town repair a sidewalk along Robinson Road that leads from Edgartown–West Tisbury Road to the school. “I checked with the state regulations,” Mr. D’Andrea said, “and it should be four feet wide. It is actually between three and four feet wide, and is never actually quite four feet.” In addition, he said, the paved portion of the walk ends 15 feet before joining with the Edgartown–West Tisbury Road.

Highway Superintendent Stuart Fuller said that he had looked at the sidewalk about a year ago. A utility pole and some stone walls had created “pinch points.” Widening the sidewalk, he said, is in the five-year plan, but downtown is a higher priority. However, Mr. Fuller said that he could get to paving the final 15 feet of the path much sooner.

Ms. Serpa asked him if any land taking would be necessary in order to widen the walk. He did not have a definitive answer for her, and said that the department would not get to the project until spring 2018. Mr. Fuller said that because a utility pole would have to be moved, the road would have to be closed temporarily, so the project would be undertaken during a school vacation.

“We’ll try squeezing in [pouring the missing 15 feet] this fall before it gets too cold,” said Mr. Fuller. Otherwise he said his department could do it in the spring, as soon as it was warm enough.

The superintendent then received his annual review by the selectmen, who universally praised his oversight of his department, congratulating him for getting so much done so efficiently with available resources. “What people don’t realize,” said Ms. Serpa, referring back to the sidewalk issue, “is that they want this sidewalk done, but you have to set priorities.”

In written correspondence, the Terrace at the Charlotte Inn asked for permission to close from Jan. 2 to Feb. 10, which was granted.