Certain clues you’re an Islander: 1978


In the Dec. 29 issue of The Local, we ran a piece titled “Certain clues you’re an Islander,” where we had a little fun with a number of Island predilections and peculiarities. We received this letter from Joanne Scott of West Tisbury. “The ‘Certain clues you’re an Islander’ by Mr. Currier in the 12/29 MVTimes raised a big chuckle and brought up a great memory of a 1978 version written by myself and crew at the old Harborside [Hotel]. I will not name names as I cannot locate the other participants to get permission, but I happen to have a copy right here. Here we go.”

You know if you are an Islander if:

  1. You just get to know your doctor and he leaves.
  2. You blanch at the thought of neon.
  3. You have one pair of shoes for funerals and one for going off (Island).
  4. You do not own a bathing suit.
  5. You can go anywhere without knocking or calling ahead.
  6. Your boat is for meeting other people in boats.
  7. You marry a contractor to get your house finished.
  8. You have at least one dog.
  9. Your “cah” cannot get a inspection “sticka.”
  10. You know when trespass season is.
  11. You love fish, all fish.
  12. You live for Labor Day.
  13. There is a tick jar inside the door.