Bantam Wales Mariners defeat Somerset

The Bantam Wales Mariners celebrate after beating the Somerset Wattupa Swansea Chiefs. — Bret Stearns

MVYH’S Bantam Wales Mariners earned a 5-3 victory in their late season match-up with the Somerset Wattupa Swansea Chiefs at Driscoll Arena in Fall River on Saturday, February 11.

The Mariners offense came out strong in the first period, with Jake Scott scoring an unassisted goal less than a minute into the game. In the final minutes of the period, the Chiefs responded. The score was tied at 1-1 at the end of the first.

The Mariners dominated the second period, scoring three unanswered goals. Cam Geary tallied one, assisted by Graham Stearns and Pete Gillis. Pete Gillis scored the Mariners’ third goal, assisted by Hunter Meader and Ava BenDavid. Ava connected with Jake Scott for the Mariners fourth goal. Strong defensive play by Eli Gundersen, Hunter Meader and Graham Stearns held the Chiefs at one, giving the Mariners a three-goal advantage going into the final period.

The Chiefs rallied in the third, scoring twice. Jake Scott struck back, earning himself a hat trick and solidifying the Mariners 5-3 victory over the Chiefs. The Mariners are now 14-5-6 and hold the fourth place spot in the Southern New England Hockey Conference.