Spring? Pinkletinks sing in Lambert's Cove, with soundtrack

A pinkletink. —Courtesy U.S. Geodetic Survey

Alex Goethals wrote The Times on Friday to report that he heard Pinkletinks in his Lambert’s Cove neighborhood.

This first peeper report is almost two weeks earlier than last year’s, which was on March 9. In 2015, the first peeper sang on March 27.

Pinkletinks, also known as chorus frogs, prefer marshy ecosystems, and early reports often come from Lambert’s Cove, where Alex Goethals, and other neighbors, including Nancy Abbott, compete in a friendly annual contest to determine who has heard the first peeper.

In a story by Nathaniel Horwitz describing the Lambert’s Cove Peeper competition, MVTimes Wildside columnist Matt Pelikan confirmed that the marsh and wetland characteristics of the Lambert’s Cove area contributed to its being host to so many early, and vocal, peepers. “They can become almost deafening when you’re up close, he said. “Physically painful.”

Off-Island and can’t hear the tiny tree frogs yourself? Here’s a soundtrack that’s guaranteed to make you homesick:

Listen to them!