Tisbury Vision Council hosts planning workshops Thursday night

Tisbury invites residents to envision what Main Street and other parts of town could look like. — File photo Michael Cummo

The Tisbury Vision Council will host a public forum tonight to discuss bike access and storm water management, as part of the town’s ongoing planning process. The event will address the two issues in separate workshops from 6 to 7:30 pm at the Vineyard Haven Public Library.

The first workshop will focus on bike-friendly routes in and around Tisbury. Participants will also identify areas that could be improved to make them more attractive to bikers and to connect town parks and open space.

The second workshop will address how the town might use “green infrastructure” — land already in use for parks and open space — to help manage storm water runoff. To stimulate ideas, the session will start with an overview of how other communities use their green infrastructure, after which participants will discuss and identify potential sites in Tisbury.

Bike networks and storm water management are integral elements in the town’s open space plan, according to a press release. The Tisbury Vision Council hopes for a good turnout at the public forum to foster its ongoing efforts to formulate and implement a vision plan, a comprehensive planning effort for the town’s future development, the release said.

The Tisbury Planning Board formed the Tisbury Vision Council to coordinate community participation in implementing a vision plan. For more information, contact the planning board at 508-696-4270.