‘Women, wine, and flowers’

Morrice Florist hosts an enchanting flower crown workshop.


Morrice Florist held its first flower crown workshop on Thursday.

The shop debuted flower crown creations at the Ag Fair last year. Elyse Major, who was visiting from Rhode Island, was smitten by the dainty adornments, and suggested to Emily Coulter, owner of Morrice Florist, that she host a workshop on making the headpieces. Emily loved the idea and many months later, in the warm light of a March afternoon, nine women gathered around a table covered in dried flowers, drank wine, and crafted handmade flower crowns.

Elyse, upon hearing that her flower crown dream had become a reality, planned a trip with her sisters, Diane Shirley of New Jersey and Betsy Haase of South Carolina. The sisterly trio, who rarely get together in the same state, were excited to have the opportunity to convene on Martha’s Vineyard.

For Susan Desmarais, the workshop was a happy distraction from an upcoming doctor’s appointment in Boston. Martha Bischoff, a fellow participant, suggested that everyone wear their crowns the next day to support Susan.

“What could be better: women, wine, and flowers?” Elizabeth Greene asked as she worked, surrounded by glowing candles and dried flowers.

Morrice Florist will host a terrarium workshop in conjunction with the West Tisbury library on Wednesday, March 29, and hold monthly Wednesday workshops. For more information, visit morriceflorist.com or email Emily Coulter at emily@morriceflorist.com.