The Partnership celebrates its 30th anniversary on the Vineyard


This year, according to a press release, the Partnership, an organization that supports multicultural professionals and promotes racial and ethnic diversity, will commemorate its 30th anniversary with its biggest conference on the Vineyard to date: four days, 360 attendees, 23 guest speakers from all over the country, and more than 40 corporate sponsors. The conference will run from June 9 to 11.

Bennie Wiley, founder of the Partnership and summer resident of the Vineyard, brought the very first class to the Island for a summer retreat 30 years ago. At that the time, the organization had one program, which was focused solely on African Americans starting off in their career.

Since that time, the Partnership continued to convene its annual summer conference on the Vineyard — as is fitting for the oldest summer resort for African Americans in the country. It has since expanded to include multicultural professionals from all backgrounds, and has added more programs that reflect varying stages in one’s career: Fellows, Associates, Next Generation executive, C-Suite, and most recently, the Biodiversity program, focused on life sciences.