Chevy takes a swim

A Chevy SUV wound up in the water at the boat ramp Sunday. No one was injured, well, except the SUV. — Courtesy Cameron Maciel‎

Sunday at daybreak Tisbury Fire, EMS, and police responded to a submerged vehicle report at the boat ramp near the Lagoon Pond drawbridge.

Fire Chief John Schilling said his crews found a small Chevy SUV fully underwater. It was attached to a boat trailer with boat drifting nearby. The driver was uninjured and dry, he said.

Tisbury fire personnel attached a special eight foot stainless steel grapple to the Chevy’s axle and hauled it from the harbor using the heavy winch on rescue truck 661. The grapple, which the chief likened to a shepherd’s crook, was custom made for the department to manage the high volume of vehicle submersions it deals with, he said.

The rear window of the Chevy was shattered either from impact with the boat or due to the pressure change upon immersion, the chief said. He reported no leakage of oil or gas. Tisbury Police sergeant Kindia Roman identified the SUV as a 2007 Chevy Trailblazer owned by James Knoeller of New Jersey. Mr. Knoeller was checking on the boat when the Chevy began to roll backward and he could not stop it, she said he told officers. He received no citations.