Oops! Fuel pumped into wrong boat hole

Firefighters responded to Oak Bluffs Marina after gas was pumped into the wrong hole on a parasail boat. - Rich Saltzberg

An Oak Bluffs parasailing company boat mistakenly received fuel in the wrong port, flooding a compartment inside the boat with gasoline, according to Oak Bluffs Fire and EMS Chief John Rose and Oak Bluffs harbormaster Todd Alexander.

The accident occurred Thursday afternoon when a fuel nozzle was inserted into an old, taped-over fuel port linked to an empty compartment that once held a fuel tank by an employee of MV Ocean Sports. Oak Bluffs fire crews responded to the Oak Bluffs Marina fuel dock after an undetermined number of gallons flooded the compartment. The department found no ignition or spill.

The boat was taken to the opposite side of the harbor to receive an application of a gasoline-neutralizing chemical, Mr. Alexander said.