Edgartown selectmen: ruckus, runs, and restrooms


The Edgartown board of selectmen met Monday afternoon to discuss loud music, the Martha’s Vineyard Triathlon, and the installation of restrooms at the Chappaquiddick Ferry dock.

Staffers from Edgartown’s Atlantic restaurant filled seats at Monday’s board of selectmen meeting. Selectman Michael Donaroma asked attendees if anyone enjoyed loud music — the Atlantic staff raised their hands. A group called Citizens Against Loud Music filed a complaint about the noise coming from the building, but no one from the group appeared at the board’s meeting.

Staff at Atlantic informed the selectmen they have invested thousands of dollars in efforts to mitigate the sound issue. Police Chief David Rossi told selectmen he does not view the noise as a problem. He considers noise in commercial zones inevitable. Town administrator Pam Dolby said she believes the music and nightlife serve as part of the attraction to the area.

The board took no action on the complaint.

Meanwhile, Chief Rossi cleared plans for the fourth annual Martha’s Vineyard Triathlon, planned for September. Participants can elect to try the half Iron Man or the sprint. The half Iron Man includes a 1⅕-mile swim, 56-mile bike ride, and a 13.1-mile run, whereas the sprint includes a one-third mile swim, 13-mile bike ride, and a 3⅕-mile run.

Peter Wells, the owner of the Chappaquiddick Ferry, proposed restrooms near the ferry. He had plans drafted for the restrooms a few years ago, but the board advised him to wait and seek other options. Even if the plan had been approved during the Monday meeting, Mr. Wells said, he estimates construction of the bathrooms requires a few years work. Though plans were not yet approved, Mr. Donaroma agreed the area called for restrooms, noting the elderly population he had seen searching for better access to facilities near the ferry.