Nebbiolo wines reign this week at the Terrace

Expert Ciro Pirone will share his knowledge of wine at a special dinner at the Terrace.

This Thursday, Italian wine expert Ciro Pirone will share his knowledge and passion for Italian wine and culture at a gourmet dinner at the Terrace at the Charlotte Inn, where he’ll focus on wines crafted from nebbiolo grapes, the variety behind the outstanding red wines of the foggy Piedmont region of northwest Italy.

Robust nebbiolo wines are distinguished by their distinctive scent (often described as “tar and roses”), as well as their strong tannins and high acidity — qualities that are particularly conducive to a long aging period. Nebbiolo d’Alba, however, is a relatively younger wine, paired with a house-cured pork loin to begin the evening. The second course features a Barbaresco wine, accompanying a fried poached egg with shaved black truffle.

Chef Justin Melnick’s hearty main courses — braised lamb ravioli and roasted wild boar shoulder — will be paired with two distinctive Barolo wines; rich, full-bodied reds known as the king of Italian wines, and often compared to the great Pinot Noirs of Burgundy.

Born and raised in Salerno in southern Italy, Ciro Pirone has a natural affinity for people, hospitality, food, and wine. After studying at the Istituto Alberghiero di Salerno, his work led him through continental Europe and England to the U.S., where his focus narrowed from hotels and restaurants to the business of fine wine. As director of Italian wines for the Boston-based Horizon Beverage Group, Pirone works closely with wine retailers, restaurateurs, and sommeliers. He’ll share fine nebbiolo wines with diners this week at the Terrace.

Part of the Terrace’s summer sommelier series, the four-course, prix fixe dinner (including wine) is limited to 10 guests and costs $150 per person. Call 508-627-6227 for reservations, or visit