Repairs made to harborside extinguishers within four days

Fire extinguishers have been repaired and inspected at the docks in Menemsha.

Dockside fire extinguishers near the harbormaster’s shack in Menemsha sported fresh inspection tags, and sat in cabinets sealed with new doors, when The Times visited the harbor on July 29. One cabinet held a newly installed extinguisher.

On July 25, The Times found three fire extinguisher cabinets in poor condition. One of the three was also missing its extinguisher. The Times also found many 30-amp socket boxes devoid of protective covers on July 25. All but one sported a protective cover on July 29. Two of the fire extinguishers by the harbormaster’s shack bore tags that read “Inspected by: G.D. 7/28” in black marker on July 29. The tags had no other printing on them. On the third hung a commercial tag: “Ralph J. Perry, Inc.” from Hyannis. The hole-punched date was October, with no year given. Two other extinguishers in pedestal cabinets on the transient dock were hole-punched for 2017, whereas on June 25 they were only punched for 2016.


  1. Thank you to the MV Times for lighting the fire on this, no pun intended– the power of the press!

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