Man on a Lawn Mower


He is seven feet tall straight vertical in fact

rides a lawn mower that looks like a grass eating

animal with a circular mouth and up reaching legs

to hang on to as it proceeds on the lawn hungry

willing to devour all the growth of clover and grass

from the last week chomping in perfect rows

down one side of the lawn making tight circular turns

then chomping up the far side never out of

stride or posture this man on the lawn mower

who when he stops the beast from grazing

looks up at the huge field stretching away from him

his own work neat and shining like an eddy before the sea

feels strangely grand before this spectacle of summer!

languor when it all falls into place to include him.

Fan Ogilvie, who was West Tisbury’s second poet laureate, lists among her accomplishments a contest in poetry for high schoolers known as Promising Young Poets, a program in poetry and playwriting in the Martha’s Vineyard House of Correction, a continuing Summer Festival in Poetry featuring readings by national and local poets, and numerous readings at various venues around the Island.