What’s on at the Ag Fair?

The M.V. Agricultural Fair runs through Sunday. Stop by the M.V. Times booth and say hello! - Michael Cummo

Say Fair Week in March and you get a shiver from locals. Is it fear? Is it excitement? Is it anticipation of warm weather? Whatever the reason, that week in late August is packed so full of happenings that you would have to split yourself six ways to get to them all.

A wide array of new events fill this year’s schedule, including CW Trials Bike Stunt Show, new rides like Music Fest, and fresh food stands like Yommi Healthy Frozen Treats and a raw bar.

Feeling overwhelmed? No worries. The Times has compiled your go-to guide for the Ag Fair so that you know what’s on when, what you can skip, and what’s absolutely not to be missed. Check it out in this week’s edition, and don’t forget to stop by The MV Times booth at the fair.