Burgers, berries, and fries, oh my!

The foods we wait for all year are available at the fair.

—Marnely Murray

Bow Van Riper, librarian at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, says it’s the strawberry shortcake that he looks forward to every August at the Agricultural Fair. He also said that back in 1935, you could’ve grabbed a tongue sandwich at the fair for just 20 cents.

For West Tisbury history buff John Alley, it’s the grilled burgers from the volunteer firefighters’ stand that keeps him coming back for more year after year. I had an espresso float at the root beer float stand last year, and it was life-changing.

We asked some Islanders and visitors what their favorite fair foods were. This is what they had to say.


John Alley The loaded burger at the volunteer firefighters booth is always a standard. Sometimes a linguiça sub from Cozy’s Last Stand. The BBQ Bill’s pulled pork sandwich too. Those are the three that I always have. I used to work in the tempura booth.

Peter Shea The firefighters’ loaded burger.

George Athearn Ditto.


Max I like the strawberry shortcake, and I also like the Greek wrap.

Marjorie We go to the fair with our four grandchildren. We love the rides.

Max And the 4-H exhibitions! The frying pan throwing is always the highlight.

Marjorie Our grandchildren love the pig racing.

Max We have more than 40 fair posters hung up in our house everywhere.


Elyse Sauber The fried dough!

Sam Mcgoldrick I remember the fresh lemonade.


Chloe Hoyt The fried dough. I also get the french fries!

Riley Yuhas It’s all pretty good. I like the cotton candy, but I don’t know if that counts as food. I usually just see what looks good.


Ben I am a big fan of the corn dog. The tempura is also good. The firefighters’ burger is a classic. It’s been two or three years since I’ve been to the fair, but how can you forget? I love anything fried. The fried dough is great.


Teddy Repelyea My favorite is the funnel cake.

Andrea Klauss It’s been a few years, but I remember we had the fresh-squeezed lemonade and ice cream.

Rowan Klauss I don’t remember the food, but I dunked the clown on the first try when I was 7. He was bullying people, and I just threw the ball and he went right in.


Jed I like the volunteer firefighters’ hamburgers.

Clyde I get different things every time, but something I get every year is the fried dough.

Jed What about the strawberry shortcake?

Clyde And the strawberry shortcake. Those are my go-to; if I go to the fair I’m going to get both of those.

Jed And Clyde will be working there this summer.

Clyde Yeah! All my friends do it too.