Driver backs off Reading Room bulkhead for a second time

For the second time this summer, a driver had a mishap at the Reading Room bulkhead in Edgartown. - Kevin Ward

A fish storage box kept a Honda minivan driven by William Jones from toppling off the Reading Room bulkhead into Edgartown Harbor last Thursday — a repeat mishap for Mr. Jones.

In July Mr. Jones sent a Ford Explorer into the harbor at the same location, escaping injury.

Mr. Jones told police Thursday he was backing up and did not stop in time, according to a police report. The report also states that the Edgartown Fire Department pulled the teetering vehicle back onto the bulkhead and that Mr. Jones declined treatment from Edgartown EMS.

According to the police report, Mr. Jones told officer Ryan Ruley that he suffers from sciatic pain. Officer Ruley noted in the report that Mr. Jones wore a knee brace and used a cane. Officer Ruley deemed Mr. Jones a vehicular risk to himself or others based on the successive accidents, the report states, and in light of this, a Massachusetts RMV request for immediate suspension or revocation was executed. Officer Ruley noted that Mr. Jones does not hold a Massachusetts driver’s license. His license is from Virginia.

Mr. Jones reported to Edgartown Police after his first accident in July that he was a Reading Room member.