The Eclipse: A Vineyard Tale


By Judith A. Garan, Ph.D.


A Vineyard Tale that is true

If it can be told by you.

Truth to find in what you do,

This Vineyard Tale is a puzzle too!

To look to the sky

On earth the eclipse to see

In the sky something extraordinary.

The arc on the sun ever moving

  The whole country together witnessing

  The moon and the sun an entity

     Darkness, yet the sun glowing brightly

     Stationary, yet ever moving

         The center holding,

         Though darkness be

The earth

The sky

The land

The sea, a singularity

       Ever moving, the cycle witnessing

          Season by season

             Dynamic beauty, ever changing

                  Beauty, grandeur, mystery

A Vineyarder’s tale

  Amidst the beauty

      Grandeur experiencing

        The mystery to be

          Wholly, part to whole, an island

            A total view, silent in the moment

         An awesome view, wordless wonder

               Line by line, the imagery

                   Sublime, ineffable — the eclipse

                                Brings to mind

                                            Nature’s beauty in cosmic time

                                  Known on the Vineyard everyday — “Chronos time.”


Judith A. Garan, Ph.D. is a retired assistant superintendent of schools from Westchester, N.Y. She wrote the poem while visiting her family in Edgartown during this year’s eclipse.