Barbara Dacey is leaving WMVY

During her show on Tuesday afternoon, WMVY radio DJ Barbara Dacey announced she is leaving the station. — Amy Vanneman

WMVY’s Barbara Dacey is leaving the radio station at the end of the year, after 32 years as an on-air and behind-the-scenes employee at the station. Ms. Dacey announced her decision to leave her job as a DJ during her radio show Tuesday afternoon.

“I’m going to share some news,” she said at around 12:15 pm, with program director P.J. Finn in the studio. “I’m going to step away from my position at MVY at the end of the year, so we still have lots of time together.”

Ms. Dacey did not use the word “retirement” during the program. She talked about doing some singing. “It’s something that gives me so much pleasure,” she said, noting that she has purchased a new guitar. She is also planning to spend more time working at her meditation practice at the Bodhi Path in Martha’s Vineyard.

“In answer to why now? I don’t know, but it seems like the right time, and it seems like it’s good for me, and it seems like it’s good for the station,” she said. “I hope I’m making the right decision. I think I am, but it’s sort of like a wing and prayer.”

The station sent out a press release announcing Ms. Dacey’s departure Tuesday morning. According to the release, Ms. Dacey joined MVY Radio as a part-time DJ in 1985. She became program director in 1993, and shepherded the station through a period of growth and refinement, lifting the station to national recognition in the Triple A radio format, and guiding it in its emergence as one of the early players in streaming Internet radio. In 2005, Ms. Dacey shifted to director of worldwide programming, to focus on broader music-based projects like live streaming performances, long-form artist interviews, and station concert events. Throughout her time at MVY Radio, she has been on the air, currently holding down the midday shift. In 2014, Ms. Dacey was appointed to the Friends of MVY Radio board of directors. She is taking a leave of absence from that board.

She left the door open to a return. “It’s possible I could be like many of my other co-workers, one of those MVY kids that comes back, comes back home to the station. I think if that’s the right thing, that will happen,” she said.