Hours limited for trick or treating


To the Editor:

The residents of William Street in Vineyard Haven have met and decided to limit the hours offered to trick-or-treaters this year from 5 to 8 pm. We are doing this to ensure that we will have enough treats to give out. Last year we each had over 1,200 trick-or-treaters, which created a significant challenge for those of us who generously open our doors. After 8 pm, the police will take down their barricades and those giving out candy will shut their lights off. Again, we love this holiday and wish it to continue, but feel that these restricted hours will benefit everyone and ensure that the young children enjoy a happy experience on William Street.

Paul Doherty
Vineyard Haven



  1. This is complete stupidity. What about the older kids that want to come later? 8 o’clock huh you spend at least 2-7 minutes in like at each hous. Older kids and younger kids are not going to have anytime to get all the good house. And it’s going to be a battle field to get there to get the candy before everyone else. You should have done it 5-9 to give people time to get ready we get out of school at 2:40-3 and we spend 1 hour one homework and then some have other stuff to do. You can’t just say oh well it’s the kids fault. You can’t control how many people come. You are only thinking about little kids not the older ones who still love to go out of Halloween. This should never be enforced or out in place AT ALL! This is bull crap

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