FLY Yoga Outreach announces board of directors


FLY Yoga Outreach has announced the formation of its board of directors, underscoring the growing interest in somatic approaches in addressing addiction and pain management.

According to a press release, the board members are Sharon Duncan, Jeanie Hay Sternbach, Erica DeLorenzo, and Barbara Bates Conroy, who bring expertise from a range of backgrounds including finance, healing arts, marketing, and business development. The board of directors has committed to generating the expertise, support, and funds needed for ensuring that people’s efforts can carry the most impact possible.

FLY Yoga Outreach, a nonprofit founded by Island resident and yoga teacher and mentor Sherry Sidoti, provides yoga education, teaching scholarships, and leadership programs addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of Martha’s Vineyard and the community at large.

The organization manages three programs on the Island: Yoga for Substance Use Disorder, a collaboration with Martha’s Vineyard Community Services Recovery Coach Program; Yoga for Pain Management, a collaboration with Martha’s Vineyard Hospital; and Yoga and Meditation in the Jail, a collaboration with the Dukes County House of Corrections (currently on hold).

“The yoga science offers a concrete set of sustainable tools, along with a vibrant sense of belonging for those suffering from the alienation of chronic pain and addiction,” said Sherry Sidoti, founder of FLY Yoga Outreach. “I have been blessed to witness and mentor great changes in the lives of many individuals who have participated in our programs — empowering participants to take better care of themselves, their family members, and the community at large. Our outreach programs have the potential for great ripple effect. Those who have suffered, and have been offered a pathway for healing, are our best future healers if given the tools, and the chance.”

As part of the Yoga for Substance Use Disorder, Ms. Sidoti recently completed the Recovery Coach Training offered by MVCS, and has compiled a referral list of Island-based healing arts practitioners, as well as distance healers, who will work directly with other recovery coaches and those in recovery for little to no fee. This list will soon be available through the Martha’s Vineyard Community Services Recovery Coach Program.

“The Recovery Coach Program at MVCS is based on the principle of meeting people where they are, and acknowledging that there are many pathways to recovery,” said Eric Adams, recovery coach services supervisor. “FLY Yoga Outreach recognizes the importance of self-care both for those in recovery and those coaching them (many of whom are also in recovery), offering open participation in weekly yoga-for-recovery classes and Sherry’s public classes. This program gives coaches and those in recovery the opportunity to be part of a healthy community and bond through the shared experience of yoga. MVCS is grateful for our partnership with FLY Yoga Outreach as we continue to work together toward combating addiction in our community.”

Starting soon will be twice-weekly Yoga for Recovery classes, plus assisted-fee options to participate in Sherry Sidoti’s classes.