Do the right thing


To the Editor:

With the retirement of our police chief, David Rossi, the town of Edgartown has the opportunity to choose the perfect successor. Presently on the force, he has the qualifications, character, experience, and the backing of his fellow officers. His fellow officers and the silent majority in town know that Jonathan Searle is the correct man for the job.

However, in small towns we know that many factors can get in the way of the right decision. It sometimes takes courage to make the proper decision. I hope our selectmen will display the courage. When you see them in public, please encourage them to do the right thing.


John S. Moffet



  1. I certainly agree that the next Chief should come from within the department, and Jonathan Searle is an outstanding law enforcement officer. However, police departments are military organizations though not often discussed in that manner. The job should be offered to the next ranking individual if otherwise qualified and willing.

  2. If police departments actually are military organizations or see themselves as such all hope is lost for maintaining a civil society. The military is for warriors. Warriors that are unfortunately sometimes needed. Police officers are meant to be guardians with a totally separate set of rules and ethos. Who is best qulaified among those who want the job. That is the question.

    • That “separate set of rules and ethos” is precisely what defines the military/civilian dichotomy. The “warrior”” thingy can be (and sometimes is) executed by either as we have seen in the middle east.

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