Dig deeper into opioid issue


To the Editor:

I take issue with the way The Times has been handling the Island’s opioid crisis: front-page stories sensationalizing the arrest of people getting off the boat, and the recent headline about a mom pressing criminal charges against an alleged low-level dealer for her son’s passing.

The majority of low-level drug dealers are addicts as well. It’s one of the many symptoms of opioid abuse, like prostitution, theft, and health problems, including death. This is common knowledge. It’s also common knowledge that these arrests won’t stop the flow of opioids to the Island.

The way The Times presents these stories, followed by their posts on social media, generates a “let’s get them!” mentality, which is not helpful or constructive. Opioid abuse is a complex problem that most families across the country have had to deal with, including my own. It’s about time that The Times went a little deeper on this subject. How about a story on what nearby towns are doing, like needle exchange programs, safe injection rooms, mandatory rehab after Narcan injections, or medical marijuana for pain management?

Erik Albert
Oak Bluffs