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The movie "Chappaquiddick" includes a scene where Sen. Ted Kennedy's Oldsmobile plunges off the Dike Bridge.

The trailer is out for “Chappaquiddick,” the movie that looks back at that day, July 18, 1969, when Sen. Ted Kennedy drove his Oldsmobile off the Dike Bridge, killing Mary Jo Kopechne, a 28-year-old former aide to his late brother Robert Kennedy. Ms. Kopechne is played by Kate Mara.

Some of the scenes for the film were shot in Edgartown in 2016, after the board of selectmen agreed to let the production company close streets. The footage in the trailer includes a scene with Sen. Kennedy coming out of the Edgartown courthouse, with a horde of cameras around him. He would eventually plead guilty to leaving the scene of an accident with injury.

The trailer actually features a headline that states, “Based on the untold true story,” which would be news to anyone who has ever followed Massachusetts politics, where Chappaquiddick became synonymous with ending any shot Sen. Kennedy had at national office.

Joseph Sollitto, clerk of the Dukes County Superior Court, was a seasonal police officer in Oak Bluffs when the crash at Chappaquiddick happened. He recalls being called in to help with security for the throngs of press and people the court case brought to the Island.

“There were a lot of newspaper reporters and a lot of people around,” Mr. Sollitto said. “It was an interesting time. This was a sleepy little Island back then, a lot quieter than it is now.”

Mr. Sollitto said he will likely see the movie, to see how the incident and the Island are portrayed.

Jason Clarke plays Sen. Kennedy in the movie. Ed Helms is cast as Joseph Gargan, the Kennedy cousin Sen. Kennedy reached out to after the crash.

The trailer includes a back-and-forth between Mr. Gargan and Sen. Kennedy.

“Moses had a temper, Peter betrayed Jesus, I have Chappaquiddick,” Sen. Kennedy is quoted as saying.

To which Mr. Gargan replies, “Moses had a temper, but he never left a girl at the bottom of the Red Sea.”

Published reports put the movie’s release date at April 6.


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