Grateful for first responders


To the Editor:

On behalf of my entire family, we would like to express our tremendous appreciation for the rapid response of the town’s first responders on Christmas night.

Briefly, my first Christmas in Edgartown with my newly married adult children was nearly ruined with a classic oven grease fire (luckily my brother and son made sure the oven door stayed closed so it would burn out — while I panicked and the alarm blared).

However, the grease fire smoke was horrendous, and as it was billowing out of the oven, the Edgartown first responders came racing up the hill and were out front in what seemed like seconds. Luckily, the grease fire did burn itself out, and no harm occurred, except dinner didn’t make it to the table until about 9 pm — just a tad later than planned.

I’m forever thankful that the town has these first responders who are on duty and ready to serve the community 24/7 — especially on a cold and blustery Christmas night when the rest of us are home around the tree with family and friends.

Heather Hayman Cohan