Pit bull owners file court appeal

Seek trial to spare Rosie and Sasha from euthanasia order.

Kaitlyn Seaton testifies before Superior Court clerk Joseph Sollitto. She is now requesting a trial to spare her dog Rosie. - Gabrielle Mannino

Updated Jan. 29 5:15 pm

The owners of two pit bulls, Rosie and Sasha, are asking a judge to spare their dogs the death penalty.

In documents filed separately Friday at Edgartown District Court, attorneys Michelle Brennan and Matt Jackson requested a trial before a district court judge on behalf of their clients. Brennan represents Kaitlyn Seaton, Rosie’s owner, and Jackson represents Hillary Seaton, Sasha’s owner.

The appeal comes a little more than a week after Dukes County Superior Court clerk Joseph Sollitto upheld an order by Oak Bluffs selectmen to euthanize the dog, which the board deemed “dangerous” after a Dec. 12 hearing.

On Nov. 24, the two dogs escaped from Hillary Seaton’s residence on 23 Worcester Ave. and viciously attacked Toby, a cockapoo owned by John Stevenson. The dog suffered life-threatening injuries that required extensive emergency treatment, including surgery, at Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists in Bourne. Toby had numerous puncture holes on his back, his front right leg, and his left hind leg. Skin was torn off the small dog’s back and half of his ear was bitten off.

The court documents filed Friday include a copy of a license for Rosie that shows the dog is actually a Tisbury dog. Whether that will matter as part of the case remains to be seen. The dog was licensed in Tisbury as of Nov. 29, according to the document.

No date had been set as of Monday for the hearings before a judge.

Updated to include second appeal filed.



  1. I feel sorry for both Rosie and her owner– a tragic situation for sure– but, that tragedy insures that Rosie will not cause another more serious tragedy. It is the responsibility of the officials to insure public safety as best they can. Given Rosie’s history, they would be negligent if they did not euthanize this dog.

  2. This is tragic for the dogs due to the negligence of the owners.
    I did read where they had put up a fence but it was not a 6 ft stockade all around the property as they were instructed. If the owners can’t put up a proper fence to keep their dogs in their own yard when off leash, how can anyone be certain that they will follow through with anything the court decides (if the dogs get to live)
    I know you aren’t supposed to call people names, but I have a few choice words for these negligent owners. These dogs will probably be put down and I hope that these “owners” feel remorse for the rest of their lives and they are never allowed to own another dog.

  3. These dog owners seem to come up with money for lawyers but can’t help out with medical bills for those maimed by their dogs. After the dogs are put down,maybe the owners should get one way tickets off the island

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