Planning board tables Chappy cell tower


On Tuesday night the Edgartown planning board tabled deliberation and a vote on an AT&T cell tower proposed for Chappaquiddick. The Martha’s Vineyard Commission (MVC) approved the tower in December. The board was forced to delay action because the MVC was unable to record its decision at the Dukes County Registry of Deeds ahead of the planning board’s meeting, planning board assistant Georgina Greenough said. The board penciled in the agenda item for March 6, but on the recommendation of planning board clerk Doug Finn, members agreed not to officially select a new date and just set the matter aside.  

After the meeting, MVC executive director Adam Turner told The Times the reason the cell tower decision, which was made Dec. 21, wasn’t recorded in time for the planning board meeting was because two complex decisions — Stop & Shop and the tower — were made back-to-back, and the commission needed extra time to ensure the relative paperwork was accurate and comprehensive.

“We’re not going to put anything out until we’re confident it’s correct,” he said.