Not an accurate portrayal


To the Editor:

I take issue with a recent editorial in The Times — not for what the editorial was about but for how it portrayed the Island.

Here are the sentences I have a problem a with: “We are, after all, a relatively privileged Island community, we are culturally homogeneous, we famously care for each other. If there is self-interest or self-dealing it is, we imagine, only of the community-minded sort.”

As I have pointed out in this forum, for now the third editorial board, the exclusionary policies at West Tisbury’s Lambert’s Cove Beach, a town park, are the furthest thing from the above sentences. So unless you have a different definition of “community,” in the future please refrain from characterizing the Island in such glowing terms while willfully ignoring such a blatant slight from one entire town to the rest of us. Silence is my validation; end beach apartheid.

Erik Albert
Oak Bluffs