Workshop focuses on reducing kitchen plastic waste


It might seem nearly impossible to rid a kitchen of plastic wrap and bags, meat wrapped in plastic, and junk food packaging, or even banishing cleaning products in plastic bottles. According to a press release, Oak Bluffs resident and interior designer Nina Hitchen has done just this, achieving a near plastic-free and zero-waste kitchen. On Sunday, March 18, she will be offering a special event workshop and brunch from 11 am to 1 pm, where she will share her story and successes, and help participants learn how they can be more sustainable in their own kitchens.

“I’m trying to break the plastic habit. It’s a journey, but I’m getting there,” says Hitchen. “I believe plastic isn’t healthy for humans or our environment. Along the way, I’m learning all kinds of ways to reduce my landfill waste as well.”

Nina’s journey to “life without plastic” began when she gave birth to twins six years ago, and she became concerned about plastic’s health effects on them. Along the way, she has traded disposables for reusables, and has learned how to grocery shop plastic-free on Martha’s Vineyard, and say no to plastic-packaged produce — among many other transformations. After the talk and demo, participants will enjoy brunch together, prepared by Catherine Walthers. Cost is $25. Preregistration is required at