Help when it was needed


To the Editor:

We find ourselves too often critical of others, and too infrequently give credit where due. Recent unfortunate events in our lives have given us an opportunity to give well-earned credit to a few of our West Tisbury neighbors.

West Tisbury Fire Chief Manny Estrella, and the volunteer members of the West Tisbury Fire Department, responded to a frightening emergency at our home. Chief Estrella was first on the scene, and quickly acted, preventing a minor situation from becoming a really, really bad day for us.

We thank the volunteers from Tri-Town Ambulance who responded promptly, and whose services were, thankfully, not needed.

Firefighters Mark Bettencourt, Jesse Oliver, and Bruce Haynes all went above and beyond the call, assisting in helping to secure after the fact.

We are grateful also to our friends Janice, Jeremiah, and Becky, for their help throughout the day.

As recipients of their services, we are grateful for the selfless assistance of all these fine individuals, and encourage our neighbors to continue to support the generous and skilled members of the West Tisbury Fire Department and Tri-Town EMS.

Beckie Scotten Finn and Doug Finn
West Tisbury