MVRHS student charged with possession of drugs

A student at Martha's Vineyard Regional High School was arrested on Monday for possession of a Class D substance. - File photo

Updated, Tuesday, 3:15 pm

A student at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School was arrested at the school on Monday and charged with possession of marijuana.

Oak Bluffs Police Sergeant Steven Conley told The Times that on Monday morning, students notified school administrators that Gabriel Nascimento, 18, of West Tisbury, was in possession of marijuana edibles. Police also found he had two pellet guns and an Airsoft rifle in his car, parked in the school lot.

School resource officer Jillian Sedlier called Oak Bluffs police at 9:50 am.

Detectives Jeffery LaBell and James Morse responded to the call and found 15 “Wonka Bars,” 11 “Krunch Bars,” 12 “Sour Dab Kids” packages, and one “Xanax bar” in a plastic bag in Nascimento’s possession.

Nascimento was arrested and charged with possession of a Class D substance, with intent to distribute and drugs in a school zone violation.

Oak Bluffs Police told The Times more details will be available on Tuesday.

In an email to The Times on Tuesday, Principal Sara Dingledy said she could not get into specifics other than, “No BB guns were found in the school. The school responded to a drug incident and turned it over to the police.”


  1. Really need to make an article about this? This kid is in high school, and marijuana is decriminalized in MA. His name is already going to be in the court report. I know well known adults that have been officially charged with rape on the island and it doesn’t make the paper or court report somehow? Can’t pick and choose who you want to bash here.

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