Bank lends more than just money

To the Editor:

An open letter of “thank you” to Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank, a truly community-oriented bank.

When I was down (the result of an unscrupulous lawyer trying to steal all of my business holdings), you were there with trust, which led to funding which led to the success of Tilton Rentall for almost 40 years.

In the past 10 years, especially, you have helped me expand my inventories — to offer newer items in both the tool and party departments.

You did not punch me into the Experian nightmare to be forever damned by past misfortunes viewed as “sins,” which, contrary to their claims, are never expunged.

Customer service, respect for the welfare of the community, has proved to be your guiding philosophy, and I am grateful.

Sandra Lippens
Oak Bluffs