Robert W. MacInnis


Robert W. MacInnis died peacefully at the age of 103 on April 6, 2018.

Robert frequented Linda Jean’s and lived on Hines Point in Tisbury. He was an incredible human, unselfish, loving, generous, the friendliest and an all-around great man who would always cheer you up if ever you were having a bad day. Born in Nova Scotia on March 25, 1915, he moved to Martha’s Vineyard when he was 14, and served in WW II with the 738th Field Artillery Battalion from 1943 to 1946. He was an incredible piano player, and piano tuner by trade, attended the Boston Conservatory of Music and the Niles Bryant School of Piano Tuning, married his wife Barbara in 1968, and became a widower in 1995.

Around 2008 he moved to Brockport to be near his sister, Dorothy Armstrong. Robert lived in an apartment in the Meadows until 2015, when he moved to the Landing, an assisted-living facility, and then to Lakeside Beikirch Care Center, which became Elderwood at Lakeside of Brockport.

He was predeceased by his wife Barbara; sisters Margaret, Ruth, Pauline, Frances, and Dorothy; and brothers Donald and Hugh.

Christine and Kelly wish to say, “Thank you to the staff who took care of him. We continued to visit him, play cards, and place him in front of the piano. We will be traveling to Martha’s Vineyard to return Robert to his family plot. You will be greatly missed, and we are so thankful that you crossed our paths. Love always.”