‘Elementality’ exhibit opens at Sargent Gallery

Piscatoribus Sacrum, blown glass, flameworked handle, steel and wood, 10 x 10 x 18 inches. —Wil Sideman

Sargent Gallery announces “Elementality,” a group show with new artists Wil Sideman and Micah Thanhauser, and new work from Lainey Fink Scott and Ruth Kirchmeier. The show opens Sunday, July 1, and will be up through July 22 at the gallery on State Road in Aquinnah. An opening reception takes place Sunday, July 1, from 6 to 8 pm. “Elementality” features ceramics by Lainey Fink Scott, woodcut prints by Ruth Kirchmeier, glass sculpture from Wil Sideman, and pottery from Micah Thanhauser.

Lainey Fink Scott’s background in design underscores the sleekness of her functional and sculptural pottery works. It is the collaboration between the earthly materiality and firing process that makes the elements integral to Scott’s work. Ruth Kirchmeier has created her iconic and dynamic woodcuts for over 40 years. Kirchmeier’s ability to create movement, often depicting flowing bodies of water from wood blocks, is one of the most sublime aspects of her work. According to a press release from the gallery, her technique of layering multiple colors, sometimes 10 different inks in one work, demonstrates the artist’s devotion to her craft as well as her fluency with the medium. Wil Sideman makes glass sculptures with a focus on recreating vessels that functionally float on or hold water. The weight and transparency that the glass medium imposes on the banal, originally buoyant, opaque objects — buckets, buoys, and bailers — asks the viewer to reconsider their relationship to these ocean objects and their functionality. Micah Thanhauser’s pottery is made from native clays and fired for three days in a wood-burning kiln. The release says that Thanhauser’s works are minimally glazed, celebrating the beauty of the raw clay, and letting the unpredictable movement of the flames and ash create the unique surfaces.

For more information, visit sargentgallery.org.