A job well done


To the Editor:

The Tisbury School staff and students thank the generous members of our community who helped make the fifth annual Tisbury School Wellness Day on June 14th a success. Our kids love connecting with our community members on Wellness Day. Thank you to Detective Max Sherman who taught safety classes, Emma Beach from the MV Shellfish Group, and Shelly Edmundson and Otto Osmer from the Preservation Trust for teaching about shellfish, Jessica Rabbit from Rise for teaching hip-hop, Officer Ogden and Martha’s Bikes for teaching bike safety, Patricia Sirakovsky from the Island Bee Co. for teaching about the importance of bees, Anne Caldwell from YogaMotion for teaching mindfulness, Catherine Blake for teaching martial arts from Blitz Fitness, Anna Peterson from the Barnstable County Health Department for tick education, Matt Mikulski, Andrew Ferrero, Dalton Ponce, and James Sashin from the MV Sharks for teaching baseball, Adam Smith, Joshua Hughes, Justos Christopher, and Tyler Jeffcoat from the U.S. Coast Guard for teaching boat safety, Tracey Jones and staff from Tisbury EMS for teaching emergency drills, and MarySage Napolitan from Island Grown Schools and Gabby Cronister, who helped create a completely locally sourced lunch that was delicious from local businesses such as the FARM Institute, the GOOD Farm, John’s Fish Market, and Thimble Farm. Thank you to all of the local businesses (Brickman’s, the Toy Box, Mansion House, Vineyard Conservation Society, Rainy Day, SBS, Cronig’s Market, Island Cove Adventures) who donated items for the school raffle. Over 50 prizes were given out, including five bikes from Martha’s Bikes.

This is always a wonderful day, but without our community support it would never happen.


Catherine Coogan
Tisbury School nurse, Wellness Committee member