Stop calling us the enemy


Too often in recent days, weeks, and months, we’ve felt the bitterness toward news people doing their jobs grow. It’s no coincidence that President Donald Trump points to reporters in his press pool and calls them “fake news” and, worse, “the enemy of the people.” He is leading the charge of incivility toward the free press, and he and his acolytes are pasting targets on the foreheads of reporters he doesn’t agree with. That needs to stop, here.

Our hearts are with the staff of the Capital Gazette, mourning the loss of beloved colleagues and carrying on with telling their community’s stories through that grief. Newsrooms become families. We love. We bicker. And in the toughest of times, we unite.

Every newsroom can point to people who have had flaps with them, even feuds. Even our tiny and very open newspaper dealt with a hostile visitor just a day before these shootings. We are here to tell you that what we do is always with the intention of gathering the facts and the truth. News isn’t always light and breezy, and our coverage and opinions can ruffle feathers, but the idea that we have any agenda other than telling the Island’s stories is preposterous.

One of the reporters from the Capital Gazette, speaking on CNN in the aftermath of Thursday’s murders, said it best. “I’m gonna need more than a couple days of news coverage and some thoughts and prayers,” she said. “So, thanks for your prayers, but I couldn’t give a (expletive) about them if there’s nothing else.”

It’s past time for something else.


  1. Thank you for addressing this so quickly. The ugly words coming from the President are indeed the source of a no-holds-barred lack of civility toward the press, toward women, toward anyone who disagrees with him, toward immigrants, toward people he himself hired. The list is enless from a very ugly, uncivil POTUS. I heard that reporter speak on the news last night about the useless, mindless “thoughts and prayers” that are always offered and do absolutely nothing. Time for gun control and time for Trump to shut the hell up. His word and his lies do so much damage.

  2. Isn’t lambasting “” thoughts and prayers”” uncivil. Isn’t quoting a reporter from the Gazette as “” I couldn’t give a (expletive) about thoughts and prayers in the above article an attempt to perfunctorily be uncivil. It wasn’t necessary in order to make your point to make that quote.

    • Andrew — thought and prayers don’t stop bullets– in fact, thoughts and prayers are what radical Islamic terrorist have in their heads as they murder. Who are we to say their interpretation of gods word is wrong ? They are devoutly religious people– Thoughts and prayers have no place in the debate about gun control, no matter what god you believe in. And I totally agree with the reporter from the Gazette.

      • The article was not about gun control but about civility. I merely mentioned that the expletive comment was superfluous and not civil. Interesting how some of us demand civility in an uncivil manner. OK let’s never use thoughts and prayers after a violent incident and instead say “shut the hell up””

        • Worrying that it is uncivil to tell the immoral president to shut the hell up when he calls the press “scum” and “enemy of the people”, or when he tells hoards of people to “beat the crap” out of protesters at his rallies, is about as small and stupid as objecting to “happy holidays” at xmas/Chanukah/New Year’s. And the “3%$@#^ thoughts and prayers” from the traumatized news reporter was absolutley worthy of repeating. Why shouldn’t the world hear how raw the victims of gun violence feel? And yes, this story absolutely is about the need for gun control. A man criminally convicted of harassing someone, legally owned a gun. A man who made threats directly to a newspaper for reporting the truth of the man’s crime, after he lost a defamation lawsuit, legally owned a shot gun. And poor Andrew is worried that traumatized people swear to make the point that “thought and prayers” don’t help stop gun violence. The president, who says one disgusting, uncivil thing after another, is told to shut the hell up, as well he should be told. I have no problem with ‘thoughts and ‘prayers from the inarticulate, but as a stock response from a leader who incites incivility and promotes violence with his violent words, I say to him, “Shut the hell up”. Of course, people like the president do not offer their stock “thoughts and prayers” to the crying immigrant children ripped away from their parents. Hypocrites don’t even notice that, do they, Andrew?

    • What we hear after every school shooting is “thoughts and prayers.” Thoughts and prayers don’t make anyone feel any better except those who don’t care if kids keep dying in schools. We’ve heard “thoughts and prayers” so often that the expletive used by the reporter is accepted as the correct one to use, nothing less suffices. “Thoughts and prayers” don’t stop bullets.

      • So if say 25 people including some clergymen gathered at 5 corners and peacefully prayed for the families of the victims you would be against that. In fact if Hilary stepped forward and said thoughts and prayers you would want us to tell her to shut the expletive up. I understand. Thoughts and prayers wouldn’t be good by the Pope let’s say. What if NancyPelosi uttered thoughts and prayers. Help me out here please.

          • So the anonymous snowflake has elevated himself to judge and arbiter, pronouncing banishment. BTW, have you checked out that “non sequitur” thingy?

  3. The media at large is only as liberal as the giant corporations that own it. Everything one sees on the TV or hears on the radio is designed with the purpose of making the consumer make up their minds quickly, whether it be to get you to want product or hate a political personality. What people call free speech is actually very expensive. Everything is meant to turn a profit, not inform the public. In fact with the consolidation of TV and radio stations nation wide the quality of information and the narratives being sold to the news consumer are a detriment to society. Recent events that come to mind are the scripts being forced onto the air by the Sinclair Broadcast Group who owns a huge swath of TV stations nationwide. It’s pure propaganda and misinforming the viewer with the purpose of selling the narratives of neo-conservatives.

    The burden of greed within our mainstream news media has eroded what is worth protecting within the 1st amendment. What is left is a pay to play landscape of sellouts and smut peddlers. I would advise everyone to turn of the TV, it is undoubtedly making our nation a country of confused and therefore angry people.

    • One of your better posts. Still, most folks would agree the mainstream media is selling the “liberal” line, but for pernicious reasons few understand. The hatred of Trump is real enough, but don’t forget how Bernie Sanders was also cut down for many of the same reasons. Hilary was the darling of the globalists and if Bernie had won the nomination the media would have savaged him too.

      • Meaning you believe the media should not publish that students want school shootings to stop. That’s a bit cynical.

      • Alright…take your tinfoil hat off for a moment…..

        There is no liberal media, save the fledgling MSNBC and I disagree most would say the MSM leans left. I think all media and politics is center-right. Money talks in this nation and drama and controversy get people to cling to the news like an addiction. This produces Democrats that are made disillusioned by the media and Republicans that are made to be delusional by the media. Reality (the details of policy and the use of statistics to drive them) has become a conspiracy for Republicans and are too boring to be displayed in regularity on the news. Anything contradicting the intractably held belief of a Republican is discredited as liberal and therefore discounted.

        Trumps was absolutely bolstered and made legitimate despite the glaring moral and leadership deficiencies displayed by the man. If fact, during the elections, it was the glaring moral and leadership deficiencies that made Republicans and the media so loyal to him. He was and is a bully and Republicans cower to him and the media eats it up because of the drama the bully brings to the narrative. CNN, ABC and FOX all had him plastered on the 24 news cycle.

        In the end it still required the work of actual traitors like the head of the FBI at the time James Comey, and a number of Trump associates who have been indicted and/or pled guilty (and at least two who have been put in jail) to tilt the election in Trump’s favor.

        You can take Trumps lead and call all liberals “snowflakes” or any other term you decide to disparage your fellow citizen with, but it won’t change the fact that your dear Messiah who currently resides in the White House isn’t even close to the leadership this country deserves. With nearly every stroke of his pen he pushes us away from the world we live in and to the detriment of our nation. I don’t hold my breath for an amelioration of our problems, I think it’s going to get worse because if there is on thing I’ve learned over my life, Americans want credit for everything but taking responsibility for nothing.

        OK you can put your hat back on and turn on the TV now……;)

  4. The MV Times is certainly not the “enemy of the people”, being much too localized to have any meaningful complicity in the general fake news of the mainstream, though the paper is a little “(snow) flaky” in it’s general course. This should not be surprising given the character of the readership here. MV Times did endorse Hilary Clinton for President.

  5. Then stop acting like the enemy ! Stop bashing our President with your leftist bias!
    YES, this country is drowning in “fake news” !
    It is a tragedy that those participating don’t seem to have any idea of who and what is behind this tearing down of our great nation, and the direction intended for this country!
    Who would have ever believed, that American’s could be so easily propagandized. It is shocking, sad and frightening !
    It is no surprise that your news quote would come from CNN !

  6. One doesn’t need a “leftist bias” to be critical of this president. All one needs is a conscience, a respect for the rule of law, some acquaintance with U.S. history, and a moral compass. It is indeed shocking that some people don’t realize “who and what is behind this tearing down of our great nation,” and that some “Americans can be so easily propagandized.” Local Opine is a case in point. He (why do I think he’s a he?) doesn’t realize that it’s Trump, his administration, and the congressional Republicans who are tearing down this nation in so many ways. And I find it “shocking, sad and frightening” that he doesn’t get it.

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