Habitat for Humanity announces Cathy Chu is licensed as Unrestricted Construction Supervisor


Habitat for Humanity of Martha’s Vineyard is pleased to announce that board member Cathy Chu has successfully passed the Massachusetts State Licensing Examination, and is licensed as an Unrestricted Construction Supervisor. According to a press release, in addition to being a member of the Habitat for Humanity board of directors, Cathy is the founder of Cardinal Points Contracting, and a licensed home improvement contractor. As a member of the Habitat for Humanity board, Cathy’s construction experience has provided invaluable help to Habitat in its mission of building affordable housing on Martha’s Vineyard.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Association of Women in Construction, women now make up 9.1 percent of U.S. construction-sector workers. Only 1.5 percent of onsite construction workers are female.

Chu’s career as a contractor follows her previous career as a neurosurgical nurse practitioner.

Chu and Habitat volunteers are completing the final stages of Habitat’s newest home, on Oak Avenue in Oak Bluffs, next to the VFW.