‘Dilly, Dilly!’

Welcome to the Island’s newest Mexican option.

Pulled pork tacos, two per order, $10.99. —Courtesy Dilly's Taqueria

To either the dismay or bliss of Martha’s Vineyard’s residents and visitors, chain eateries cannot make port in our harbor (besides the unrelenting treat that is Dairy Queen), and so on their quest to get away from mainland monstrosities, visitors find their hunger satisfied by local restaurants. One of the newest of the locals is Circuit Avenue’s Dilly’s Taqueria, a sit-down or takeout Mexican medley of good food, service, and song. Think an upgraded Chipotle with fresher food and a more distinctive experience.

The most likely reason that Dilly’s stands out on Circuit Avenue is its colorful ambiance in a sea of American classics. The sign outside that’s causing a stir on Facebook, a skull decorated with flowers and limes for the eyes and mouth, can’t be missed. Now, though, it is safe to say that Dilly’s is on track to becoming a favorite on the Vineyard, and there are reasons why.

Walking up to the counter to order my choice of two tacos, a burrito, a rice bowl, or all of the above, I was provided my entire thinking process on the board above me. In a fast-paced world, even on our little Martha’s Vineyard, convenience is much appreciated. Dilly’s heard the plea and answered the call. In a step-by-step process for each of their dishes, they present easygoing ordering to their customers. I opted for the Burrito ($9.99 to $11.99) and following their numbered operation, added a meat, rice, cheese, sauce, and more (for an additional 75 cents to $2). The product was better than could be expected. In a thin, toasted tortilla, your combination is uniquely formed for fulfillment. Humming “Red Red Wine” by Neil Diamond to myself, props to Dilly’s playlist, someone could have convinced me that I was vacationing south of the equator. Along with my burrito, Fried Corn Tortilla Chips ($3.49) with guacamole ($5.99) completed my lunch palette — no complaints there.

Rice bowl: brown rice, kale, mushroom, sweet potato, pico de Gallo, chicken, avocado and house made pickled onions, $10.99. —Courtesy Dilly’s Taqueria

Tacos and bowls are equally up to the consumer’s choice, with the same additions and prices as the burrito. Dilly’s simply gives you the choice of which form you would like to eat their delicious and fresh food in. Dilly’s menu did not end there, though. It is no surprise my eyes continued to land on their sign that suggested Churros ($4.99), which seemed the perfect excuse to forget about any sort of summer diet. You have been warned! If you want to go a healthier route, tacos, bowls, and burritos are all available as a vegetable plate. There is also another dish to add to Dilly’s authenticity: Mexican street corn. Now that it is corn season (Morning Glory corn has arrived!), I suggest trying it grilled, garnished in an array of sauces, and topped with cheese for a different take on the local treat we all dream of during the wintertime.

Flexibility was obviously a key concept in Dilly’s plan of action to conquer the streets of Oak Bluffs by the end of August. Starting with their menu and ending with their service, Dilly’s delivers an experience that is in high demand. I was delivered my array of food minutes after ordering. They mean to replicate a fast-food service with the guarantee of a quality feast. It allows being in the middle of bustling Oak Bluffs at the height of the season to be much more convenient and agreeable.


Dilly’s, 12 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs, serves lunch and dinner from 11 am to 10 pm, Monday through Thursday. Dilly’s stays open until 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Open from 12 pm to 10 pm on Sundays. 508-687-9171.


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