Island mother: ‘Stop killing our kids’

Dolores Borza says enough is enough after most recent overdose death.

Dolores Borza stands on a sidewalk at Five Corners to raise awareness of a recent heroin overdose in the community.

Dolores Borza stood in front of Cumberland Farms Wednesday to denounce drug dealers on Martha’s Vineyard, as well as to honor the recent passing of a close friend.

She held two signs, one reading “We love you Joey,” and another reading “‘Enough’ Stop the drug dealers!”

Both signs told separate but equally important stories — one of the tragic death of an Islander who was loved by many, and the other of an ongoing issue in our small community.

“It’s amazing how many people he impacted here,” Borza said. “He was so important to so many people, and right now it just doesn’t even seem real.”

Borza said that Joey was “incredibly talented,” and brought joy to his friends and family. “He could recite “Hamlet” and take an engine apart at the same time,” Borza said.

According to Borza, the young man was a skilled musician, and always loved to play his guitar.

Joey had a “heart of gold,” and Borza said he never had an unkind word for anybody. “He was 29, it’s a tragedy, and it needs to stop,” Borza said.

The Times is not providing his full name because his family has not released it.

Borza said she wants to bring awareness to the opioid epidemic on Martha’s Vineyard and put a stop to the senseless “murder” of Island youths. “Stop killing our kids,” Borza said as she held her signs for passersby to see.

Borza said she has a 30-year-old son, and is thankful that he wasn’t involved in drugs. “I can’t imagine what Joey’s family is going through,” Borza said.

According to Borza, people who sell opioids like heroin and prescription pain medications are “murderers,” and deserve to be treated accordingly in the eyes of the law. She said many drug dealers get a slap on the wrist when they are released on parole or receive light sentencing because of a first offense. “These people should be sent away,” Borza said. “The police need to do more.” She noted that additional security and police presence on ferries and at the steamship terminals would deter drug dealers. She said that the time has come for people to stand up to dealers. “Don’t be ashamed or afraid,” Borza said. “We need to make an example of these people.”   


  1. I think we should create a reward pool and pay anyone that drops a dime on any opioid dealer. I will contribute $5000 to start the fund if it gets organized

    • I will contribute $5000 to start The Snitch Fund? *sniff* *sniff* I detect some GRANDSTANDING here.

  2. Illegals are a major source of drugs entering our country !
    A great first step would be to support our President Trump in closing the border!
    Then, stop supporting those who support sanctuary cities…start right here in Mass with Charlie Baker !!!
    There are some very important elections coming up.
    Vote NO to anyone opposing border closings and sanctuary cities.

    • local opine– your suggestions on how to stop the opioid crisis are rooted in xenophobic misconceptions–
      do you really think that there are no American companies that manufacture these drugs ? Have you ever done even the most rudimentary research on where these drugs originate ? Who prescribes them ?
      How they get into the hands of our kids ?
      I had a good friend , 30 years younger than me who died of an overdose about 4 years ago– he left 2 kids under 7–it was not reported as an overdose–as with many overdoses, privacy laws and family concerns about their reputations prevent that. The numbers are even greater than we know. — He got the drugs from an American citizen– the drugs were most likely made in America—
      Yes, of course there is illegal smuggling going on, but the fact is the American made component of this epidemic dwarfs the smuggled in component. There are some very important elections coming up– we should vote for people who will address the issue. Not people who use a false narrative to stroke the racially motivated fears of “others” —
      opioids are proudly made in America— defended by American lawyers , and allowed to be prescribed by American doctors by American legislatures.

    • local– where do you get these ideas from ? pretty easy to see that a very small % of drugs are actually walked over the border–

  3. That is 100% correct Vote NO to anyone opposing border closings and sanctuary cities. That should also include a big “NO” for T. George Davis for Clerk of Courts!!
    The island has enough problems with illegals ~ housing, courts, driving

    • I don’t know what would make you think George Davis ever expressed an opinion about these issues. Moreover, even if he had, you seem to lack an understanding of what the Clerk of Courts does. Finally, there are many people who know George Davis to be fair, honest and honorable AND his politics don’t play a role in how he treats people.

  4. Statistics from Colorado where Cannabis can be bought legally, show that prescription opioid use has been significantly reduced. Most heroin addicts start on prescription opioids it is unfortunate that we have a state government that refuses to obey the mandate of its people to legally sell Cannabis that could reduce opioid use. Follow the money big corporations make big profits on opioid addiction, these same corporations then hire lobbyists to influence our elected representatives NOT to do the will of the people. Corruption of elected and appointed officials in Boston and Washington largest factor for opioid addiction and illegal immigration. Follow the money the real drug dealers are in Boston and Washington.

    • Promoting getting high on anything as a way to have fun, unwind, celebrate your birthday, try something new because you’re bored, or because everyone else is doing it is exactly why the island has such high rates of substance abuse. Normal people don’t have be high to enjoy life to the fullest. No wonder most everyone commenting thinks a drunken police chief is no big deal. Stop telling your kids it’s normal to get high on anything.

  5. Xenophobic! At least try something new for a change!
    Of course…any rational comment by an informed conservative is xenophobic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic,trans-phobic or the conservative is just plain flawed in some major way and incapable of truth and fact!
    Just like here on the Island, the American’s who are dealing are just the mules.
    FACT : Illegals are a major source of drug trafficking !
    Another major problem, our court systems are overloaded with liberals who are far too soft on drug related charges and on drug dealing illegals !!

    • The 25 year old just arrested for dealing a fatal overdose is not only a drug user himself but is a local kid.

  6. The war on drugs is a complete and utter failure. Legalize all drugs and put those resources toward treatment. The idea that undocumented people are causing the drug epidemic is hogwash. People are always going to get high.Supply and demand. The market has spoken.

    • Or, here’s an idea. Stop responding to incidents of substance abuse with excuses of “he’s just blowing off steam,” “he’s a wonderful person,” “it was his friends’ fault,” “it was one-time only,” “it was his birthday,” and every other enabling excuse that does not discourage people from getting high to enjoy themselves or as a legitimate escape from their unhappy lives. Alcohol is legal and the abuse of it is killing people. Unhealthy people abuse substances, even the legal ones. Substance abuse and getting high in general is totally accepted in a sick culture on the island and elsewhere… until someone dies. If someone doesn’t die or get hurt, for example by getting shot for intruding into someone’s house at 3AM, then you hear every excuse under the sun why that incident of substance abuse was no big deal. Substance abuse is a big deal, every single time, and until people understand this, there will be no change. You do indeed supply the demand with statements like “people are always going to get high”. No, normal, healthy adults are not getting high. Normal adults are not abusing their legal medications or drinking to get bombed. Unhealthy adults are. Stop encouraging it by accepting it as normal.

  7. Drugs, sex, and guns are the main characters of every day Hollywood life. What we need is self worth not safe spaces. Turn and look at the person to your right now turn and look to the person on your left….you have just looked at the problem. Until we decide as a society to live better we won’t.

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