Accused drug dealer held on $25,000 cash bail

Sean Geddis was arrested and charged with drug distribution. - Photo courtesy Dukes County jail.

Sean M. Geddis, 25, who allegedly admitted his role to police in supplying drugs that led to a fatal overdose, pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in Edgartown District Court Thursday to charges of distribution of a Class A drug (heroin) and conspiracy to violate drug laws.

Judge Thomas Kirkman set bail at $25,000, an amount that prompted a profane-laced outburst from Geddis.

“So a pedophile gets $500 bail …” Geddis said loud enough to be heard, before adding two expletives at the end of the sentence.

Kirkman told him to settle down or he would be held in contempt of court.

Geddis appeared in court wearing a gray T shirt with the sleeves cut off. He was in handcuffs and shackles.

During the bail hearing, assistant district attorney Dana White detailed the allegations against Geddis. White told the judge that on July 31, police began investigating a recent overdose death and accessed the deceased’s phone. It was determined that Geddis allegedly distributed drugs to the man, according to text messages read by police, the prosecutor said.

Geddis has had three prior convictions for possession of drugs, the prosecutor said in arguing for the $25,000 bail.

The defense attorney, Matthew Jackson, asked for bail to be set at a lower amount because Geddis is currently unemployed and has two children at home.

He recently was in detox for opiate use Jackson told the judge.

White said the investigation is ongoing.


  1. Why is he not being brought up on murder or man slaughter charges???!! He directly sold a drug to someone and it killed him HE NEEDS TO BE CHARGE WITH MURDER

  2. sunshine3, are you referring to the pedophile or the drug dealer? It seems to me they both should have your bail policy. They each ruin lives. Except remember, if you are a well connected member of the community, nearing retirement, your pedophile charges are likely to be treated real easy.

  3. If the family who lost their son from this dealer needs finances to prosecute let me know I will help

  4. The court system on the island does the exact opposite of deterring this type of deadly behavior, in fact they encourage it by their coddling of these criminals which clearly just keeps that revolving door spinning as the problem worsens.
    Cut off the supply First to show signs of seriously combating the issues!
    That is where the problems lie along with our open boarders allowing these killers to sell / supply their deadly destructive products.
    Another sure sign of so much leanecy and non-concerns with law enforcement is the boats to the island are not constantly or even periodically searched with dogs etc to even attempt to stop the flow to the island unless I am totally mistaken which I highly doubt as a very frequent traveler to and from the island.

    • tis native—the us has been trying to cut the supply of drugs crossing the border for years- with little success .
      How did that lock em all up policy work out ? most opiods are proudly made in the United States..quit blaming someone else for our problems. Under educated kids (who trump loves) are going to do stupid things– cut the heroin and they will go to the local hardware store and huff glue..
      educate the children.

  5. Who is going to pay for ALL of the K-9’s that would be needed to search the boats? Think about that.
    Also, yes this guy “allegedly” sold the drugs to the 29 year old who overdosed, he is not a murderer, he is a drug dealer.
    If you sell fried food and pastries to an obese person that has a food addiction and they die, does this make the casier a murderer? No.
    Addiction is a horrible, horrible situation and I have seen friends lose everything over it (job, house, family) but in the end, they have to be willing to help themselves. Yes, we need programs to help these people (drugs AND alcohol addicts), I will say it again, they have to be willing to help themselves and work the programs.
    I have friend that has been to rehab at least 5 times, and they say they want to be sober but the MINUTE they leave rehab, they go right back to their addiction. You can’t force someone to stay sober.
    I am glad the island has a lot programs, a lot of towns aren’t as lucky.
    Good luck to all that need the help.

    • Well….very well written and it’s the truth. No matter how you look at it.
      In today’s society we have been programmed to point the finger when we fail.
      Sadly, it’s not always someone else’s fault.
      Difficult to hear or write; but so true.

    • If it was illegal fried food than blame the consumer but legal fried food you can blame the chef.

    • Agreed, Martha’s Vineyard does have many hands & hearts reaching out to show the “active” addicts/alcoholics the archway to recovery…the pathway to a sane and sober life and how to live life on life’s terms without relapsing.and it is beyond heartbreaking when we lose the young and old to the viciousness of addiction. The question is the hospital….a beautiful multi-million dollar hospital whose board needs to stop turning a blind eye to the fact that we need a detox here. When the new hospital was in its planning stages there were many voices speaking for those who could not speak because they were dying of alcohol/drugs. Why was the answer, “NO! NO DETOX HERE ON MARTHA’S VINEYARD”? Politics? Denial that we have “those” kind of people living here? Is the hospital as guilty as the drug dealer? There is a quote in the recovery community, “I got sober/clean the day before I died.” How many addicts/alcoholics have died the night before a bed opened at Gosnold or wherever…? Ask around…It’s one the island’s best keep secrets. Having a detox here should be a part of the solution for the sick and suffering who cannot speak for themselves.

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