Obamas return for Vineyard vacation

This driver in Oak Bluffs shows his or her affection for former president Barack Obama with a sign reading "Obama you are missed!" in the hopes he will see it while on the Island. - Josephine Brennan

Former President Barack Obama is on the Vineyard.

The 44th president of the United States arrived on Saturday, and is expected to be on-Island for much of August, according to multiple sources. Throughout his presidency, Obama and his family took summer holidays on the Vineyard, and showed a fondness for Chilmark.

After leaving office, Obama continued to vacation in Chilmark with his family. Golfing, bicycling, and visiting some of the Island’s restaurants are among the president’s August pastimes on-Island. On Sunday he reportedly dined at the Red Cat in Oak Bluffs.

Monday night, Barack and Michelle Obama went to The Cardboard Box, Ben DeForest’s new Oak Bluffs eatery. They emerged from the restaurant to a screaming throng outside on Circuit Ave. and waved to well-wishers before getting into a waiting SUV.

Barack and Michelle Obama’s Washington D.C.-based office did not respond to a request for comment on the former president’s vacation plans.


    • Why? Ex-presidents don’t bring anywhere near the entourage a President does. Be proud the Obamas, like many American families, enjoy visiting our island.

  1. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!! They must be around those who still celebrate still celebrate his Birthday on the island…
    I already got my tan, got my scanner on, got a months supply of my favorite treats & cocktails and will just go in the Opposite direction wearing my “Make America Great Again Cover”!!

  2. Consider August a democrat doner-a-thon. They could vacation anywhere in the world, but deep pocketed liberal folks are all here. I’m sure the terms “collusion” and “hacking” are used more up island than the term “farmers market”

  3. Nice…Clearly based on the comments left by the loyal followers of the pussy grabber, this Island could use some love. Have fun Mr President. You are the best!

  4. I consider it an honor that Presidents of the United States choose to vacation on this beautiful island we call home. The slight inconvenience is offset by the fact that it makes people want to visit and live here. Big picture, it helps the island and its economy.

    • Would you consider it an honor if President Trump choose to vacation on this beautiful island we call home?

      • Trump wouldn’t come since there’s no Trump golf course here. Trumpy, the thieving bloated circus peanut, only lives to line his own pockets. Sad.

      • Maybe Trump would partner with the Wampanoag to build a really fancy casino next to Menemsha Pond for water taxi access, then erect the hugest ever lit sign on Gay Head cliffs proclaiming “TRUMP.”

        But can’t see him vacationing on the Island unless he got a perpetual cut of golf course profits.

  5. That welcoming spirit of Martha’s Vineyard in these comments: if you can’t say anything nice, say it anyway.

  6. Apparently, Martha’s Vineyard remains a sunny place for shady people.

    Have fun partying with your beloved foundation-fraudsters, crooked real estate schemers, & war-profiteers, Obamas!

    • I do enjoy a good conspiracy theory, but in this case I think it’s just about MV being the ultimate snowflake “safe space”. Maybe they’ll be nice to the beleaguered Prof Dershowitz.

      • You are aware how difficult it is to suggest others are snowflakes without presenting as one yourself, right?

    • It always surprises me how prevalent the mouth breathing tin foil hat brigade is in the Times comment section

  7. Bart Gee
    The majority of the people who live here and work here are everyday people….we will not be invited to anything the Obamas are doing.

    You could always go to Mar Lago if the Vineyard offends you so much.

    • America is under siege and the POTUS plays golf at Mar-a-Lago, probably charges the government a premium to house the Secret Service.

  8. I suggest the trump hating people just go to the beach and enjoy the summer. Instead of crying and whining about the fact they lost. Time to move on and maybe try to get caught in another Obama inflicted traffic jam at 5 corners.

  9. New Englander, the only siege, this country is under is that you and quite a few others, are not able to move on in life without complaining and moaning every chance you get. GROW UP

    • view— you not only sound like you are complaining, which is ok, but could you keep the moaning down so others can get some rest ?

  10. I was fed wonderfully, Clams Linguine that were spot on, last night at the Cardboard Box! Thanks Chef Benjamin De Forrest and Staff! <3

    • Now this is the only comment here worth reading.
      Why are people becoming so nasty on this rock?
      Could it be the 45 influence perhaps?

  11. It’s pretty funny when the photo caption and the plain, easy to see text in the photo don’t match.

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