WWII-era practice munition found on South Beach

An unexploded ordnance was found on South Beach Tuesday. It's been set aside for the state police to dispose of it. - Brian Dowd

Edgartown parks department officials responded to a unexploded ordnance call Tuesday at South Beach.

The World War II-era ordnance, which are also referred to as a UXO, is a long metal pipe and is likely from World War II target-practice runs at the beach.

Parks department member Gene Townes told The Times that the ordnance had washed up on the beach, and he brought it to the parks department station.

State Police are expected to dispose of the object, he said. If it’s active, they will explode it. If inactive, it will most likely be scrapped.

Townes said it looked hollow inside, was most likely inactive, and would probably just be scrapped.

Finding UXOs on Island beaches is fairly common. Beachgoers should not move a suspected unexploded ordnance on their own, Townes said. They should alert a lifeguard or parks department employee.