Kerri Powers plays the Ritz

Kerri Powers brings her soulful voice to the Ritz this weekend. —Jean Molodetz

Singer and songwriter Kerri Powers brings her blues sensibilities to the Ritz Friday night, August 10, at 7 pm. According to a press release, Powers is on tour promoting her new album, “Starseeds,” released May of this year. Her songs have made their way into motion pictures and television shows, the release says, and her previous album topped the Roots Music Report’s list of 50 Best Records of 2014.

Powers comes from Canton, Conn., and has toured extensively and played both the Boston and Philadelphia folk festivals. The newest album’s opener, “Peeping Tom,” retells the story of Lady Godiva, and makes a statement about sexual harassment and “insidious intimidation,” according to the press release.

“I was initially a little reluctant to put this song out there with all the stories that are making headlines these days,” Powers says in the release. “Yet with so many courageous victims relating their experiences, I’m actually thankful for the chance to share the song. Hopefully it will help bring about awareness, albeit in a slightly abstract and whimsical way.”

She also puts her own spin on Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home” on the new album.

Powers performed in local coffee houses throughout New England in her teens, then fell in love, got married, and had a child. She put her music on the back burner, but after a divorce, rediscovered her passion for music.

According to the press release, the Boston Globe described Powers’ musical style: “There’s an authenticity at work here, A heart-tugging gravity and a lively intelligence to go along with the sass.”


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