Peter Pan rolls out new ticket system


As of Thursday, Peter Pan Bus Lines is changing the way customers traveling from Woods Hole to Boston reserve tickets, according to a press release from the company.

The company is requiring all passengers to purchase tickets prior to departure at the Steamship Authority counters in Woods Hole, Oak Bluffs, or Vineyard Haven. Tickets can also be purchased online at or on the Peter Pan mobile app, the release states.

“This change will allow Peter Pan to provide better traveling experience with guaranteed seating, express service, and mobile boarding,” the release states. “It will also ensure a more precise count of passengers based on the number of tickets sold, faster boarding times, better security with information about who is traveling and if they are present, and accuracy for passengers who want to plan their plane-to-bus-to-ferry trip.”

Tickets are only valid for the date and time purchased, the release states. The SSA cannot refund or change Peter Pan tickets.

According to an email from Sean Driscoll, a spokesman for the SSA, Peter Pan is honoring tickets purchased prior to Thursday.

For more information, call 800-343-9999.


  1. There used to be laws against this sort of extortion. Does Peter Pan Bus Lines have any actual data to back-up the need for this policy change? It would be interesting to know the percentage of tickets (that DO NOT get refunded) that people are unable to use for whatever reason. All this policy does is inflate this corporations profit. Remember when things were simple, you bought a ticket with money and the bus company took you where the ticket said to. Those were the days when people/customers had the flexibility to live their lives freely not a slave to a corporate policy. What happened to the days when business wanted to actually please people? I remember when my rights as afforded by the constitution were honored and life was not dictated by corporate policy.

  2. Absurd. Some airlines let you use a ticket for a missed flight for a year. If your boat is delayed your ticket isn’t good? If you land at Logan and want to go to Woods Hole how do you get a ticket–can you purchase on the bus? What if your flight is delayed or travel plans change. There should be some consumer protection law against this.

  3. I wonder if the SSA gets a cut on those ticket sales. What monsters the people create to satisfy their convenience. Reminds me of an old saw, “Any government that is big enough to give you anything you want is big enough to take anything you’ve got”. And it doesn’t mind taking it in small increments.

  4. I purchased online, in advance a couple of years ago for a trip from WH to Logan. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to use this ticket and I WAS NOT REFUNDED my money.

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