Missing paddleboarder prompts extensive search

After going adrift, woman told authorities she was OK.


Edgartown first responders initiated a marine search Thursday afternoon after a paddleboarder was reported missing at Norton Point. The call came in at 1:25 pm after the husband of the paddleboarder reported her missing to Trustees of the Reservation employees, Edgartown Police Lt. Chris Dolby said. A firefighter, police officer, and paramedic were immediately dispatched in the town’s fire/police boat, he said. The harbor department also sent a boat to search for her, harbormaster Charlie Blair said. Neither vessel came upon anyone in distress. Blair said she had paddled too far down the beach, and when she came ashore, she had hauled her paddleboard far enough ashore that it wasn’t easily seen by Trustees vehicles searching on the beach. Nevertheless, the paddleboarder made the right call after hauling up her paddleboard, Blair said.

“This woman did exactly what she was supposed to do — reported herself found,” he said.

She walked to the guard shack to do this, he said.

The name of the paddleboarder has yet to be disclosed.

Dolby said she wasn’t in the ocean, as some had believed, but was in Katama Bay. He was unsure whether she started out in the ocean before becoming lost in the bay.

“All’s well that ends well,” Dolby said.

“Everybody took a big sigh of relief we didn’t find a paddleboard with a big bite mark out of it,” Blair said.


  1. Just what location did this paddleboarder find the safe? How much money was inside? Did Edgartown help her to relocate the safe?

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