Dump truck crashes into M.V. Shipyard building

A dump truck struck the side of a building at Martha's Vineyard Shipyard Monday morning. There were no injuries.

A dump truck crashed into the gable end of Martha’s Shipyard’s office building Monday morning. No injuries were reported.

Tisbury Fire Chief John Schilling said the building did not appear to have any structural damage, and a diesel tank near where the truck hit wasn’t ruptured. The driver of the dump truck was unlicensed, according to Tisbury Police. Police also said the truck did not appear to have functioning brakes, and the inspection sticker appears lifted from another vehicle.

The operator of the dump truck, Joao Paulo Nello Ferreira de Lima, 19, was cited for negligent operation of a motor vehicle and driving without a license, Tisbury Police Lt. Eerik Meisner said. The owner of the vehicle, Nilton DeSousa, 47, was the passenger. He was cited for allowing an unlicensed driver to operate a vehicle, according to Lt. Meisner, who added the violation comes with a fine of $1,005 for the first offense.


  1. Thats pretty flagrant. Someone without a license driving a heavy truck with no brakes. The inspection sticker taken from another vehicle. We are lucky the building stopped him and not a car in front of him.

  2. Make you wonder about every truck, landscape, or construction vehicle in front of you and behind you,
    If and when you get hit, your insurance company will find a way to make you pay when the other driver has no license or insurance. Seems to me it is a commonplace thing on this island.
    Good luck to ALL in this day and age of diversity….

  3. How dare you report on this story! The man was led to the wrong truck, it wasn’t his fault. He never does this sort of behavior, in fact having driven so much goods safely, for the benefit of our community. This is a non-story, The Times is sensationally printing. No one was hurt. No public good was achieved by shaming this good man. A police investigation will prove nothing other than the building got in the way. What does not having a license matter? He was on private property. Likely very embarrassed. Quite possibly his birthday as well.

    • Perhaps it would be enlightening for the MVTimes to do a follow on piece. Included should be: The circumstances that lead to the accident, were any laws broken. After rereading the story the way it is written leads the reader to assume that the vehicle was on a public road. If James is indeed correct, this looks like fake news.

  4. The reported facts don’t look good, but the story is very incomplete. I’m sure the MV Times will be working on it. Meanwhile let’s not go jumping to conclusions.

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