A cup of thanks


To the Editor:

A double “thank you” from Scott from Mott’s!

First, thank you, everyone who waited in line for Mocha Mott’s this summer. Really! It is greatly appreciated. It’s humbling to see the same folks going through the line each day, dealing with all the madness that is summer here. We always try our best to get you what you want as fast as we can, and we are sorry for any mess-ups! We’re humans working within an imperfect system, trying our hardest. So thank you for coming each day. It’s great to have you.

Second, thank you to all my fellow drummers for joining me at Built on Stilts this year. It would sure suck to be sitting there all by my lonesome! Thank you to Abby, Anna, Brent, Laura, Charmain, Lucia, Roberta — to everyone involved to hundreds of audience members. It’s a very special event, and it’s all amazing because everyone involved is amazing. Perhaps cliché but true: Built on Stilts is a gift for all.

Now, with fall coming soon, I can perhaps catch up on 2,600 hours of backlogged sleep.


Scott Hershowitz, manager
Mocha Mott’s