Give new postal worker a chance


To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the August 15 article “Chappy residents disgruntled with postal delivery.”

While we can all agree that the Postal Service has faced new obstacles in recent years that have caused many people justified frustration, the purpose of this letter is to praise the current Chappaquiddick Postal Service worker, Josie Babcock, for her incredible dedication, thoroughness, and hard work this summer while delivering the Chappy mail.

Josie has been an employee of the U.S. Postal Service for several months, and she has been doing the Chappy route for approximately seven weeks. It’s important to note that these specific seven weeks are the busiest of the year, and that there’s a learning curve to every job, especially this one. As most Chappy residents know, many of the mailboxes and roads on Chappy still aren’t clearly labeled, so it naturally takes some time to learn the route. We should all do our part by labeling our mailboxes clearly.

It’s also important to note that in the past, Chappy has had one postal worker who was assigned to deliver mail only on Chappy. This, of course, made things significantly easier for that worker, because they had much more time to focus only on that one route. Now, however, the postal worker has an initial route on the main Island and then the Chappy route after. As a result, before Josie came on board, the postal workers serving Chappy usually stayed for only two or three weeks because the workload was too overwhelming.

I’ve chatted with Josie a few times while waiting for the ferry and when seeing her on her route. She lives off-Island and takes a bus every morning to Woods Hole and then the ferry. She reports to the Vineyard Haven Post Office, and does a route on the main island before coming to Chappy. Many Chappy residents have seen Josie finishing her Chappy route as late as 8 pm or even on Sundays. Most nights, she doesn’t get home until about 10:30 pm.

Her commitment is so noticeable to the Chappy community, in fact, that the Chappaquiddick Island Association board recently voted unanimously to commend Josie for her hard work and positive contribution to the island. The CIA board has nine people. Chappy has approximately 900 summer residents. Your article quoted four Chappy residents (three if we consider the couple quoted as one unit). That hardly seems like a fair or accurate reflection of how Chappy residents feel about this issue.

I also want to add that those on Chappy who have gotten to know Josie a little bit not only appreciate her hard work, but also her positivity, conscientiousness, and true dedication to doing a good job. She cares deeply about her work, and anyone who has seen her on her route can’t help but notice that.

I think I speak for many Chappy residents when I say that we are lucky to have Josie as our postal worker.


Julia Spiro