Noise is growing from airport


To the Editor:

I love Martha’s Vineyard, and have lived in West Tisbury for seven years. With each passing year, the noise from our neighbor, the Martha’s Vineyard Airport, becomes more difficult to live with. Jets and private planes now fly at all hours, and with a constancy we have not experienced in the past.

Yes, we chose to live near the airport. No, we did not choose to have the noise become disruptive to sleep, conversation, enjoyment of music or a movie each July and August.

Airport administration state that they work with pilots on a voluntary basis to abate and mitigate noise issues as much as possible. Private planes fly in and out at any time they choose, and time guidelines are suggested by airport administration, not set. The airport tracks noise complaints through their online noise complaint form. This is data used to make decisions about the livability of our beloved Island. Please take the time to go on the airport website and fill out a noise complaint form each time you note excessive, disruptive noise. Your input is invaluable. Thank you.

Susan Kurker
West Tisbury


  1. Looking at the assessors map, you chose to live under the approach/departure path of the main runway 06-24.
    That means that if the aircraft are departing 24 they will be flying right over your house. And if runway 06 is in use they will be flying over your house while landing, which requires DESCENT to the runway. You have no legitimate complaint . In all fairness to readers who don’t have the time to look up assessors tax maps and locations, you should clarify ”near the airport” to read “less than 1/2 mile” from the airport under the approach path to the main runway.

  2. You are in luck.. Due to upcoming planned construction on that runway, you are due for a nice quiet winter while the runway is rebuilt.

  3. Why doesn’t someone tell Rob Strayton about purchasing a property near something they don’t like (chappy cell tower)
    I live close by the airport and yes it is noisy but I deal with it because I like the area and my house. I don’t live near a runway but the planes do fly right by my house. I can the smell jet fuel.

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