Tribute to Trina Kingsbury


To the Editor:

To say Trina lived an outrageous/notorious life would be to short-circuit her kindness and artistic talent.

As features editor at The Times, I had both the pleasure of her writing and the weekly wonder if her words would make it across my desk in time for publication. It was often close, but she never failed me. In her words, “I’ll get it there, Boss Lady!”

When I moved to Paris, my first guest was Trina! The knock on the door was a true surprise — I never in a million years thought of Trina being outside the Vineyard; oh, how wrong I was. Can you imagine going to the top of the Eiffel Tower with Trina? I did. We even had dinner at le Jules Verne restaurant. There are so many memories …

Bless her, and may her next journey be gentler.


Wendy Arnell Brophy